Here are our favourite life lessons, in no particular order…

  1. Find a mentor. Once you’ve found your passion, find someone who has that same passion, but found it before you did and ask them to teach you everything they know, cheer you on, and have a quiet word in your ear when you start to loose track. You may never be able to repay them, but make sure you pay it forward when you get the opportunity.
  2. You will never truly be able to figure out what others are thinking, you can only guess. Don’t waste your time torturing yourself. If you really need to know, ask, and then trust your gut on whether or not to trust their response.
  3. Ask questions. A four year old girl asks 390 questions per day, which goes down to 6 when we become adults. We can’t know it all already surely? Stay curious.
  4. Follow your heart, always. People may not always understand, or support you, but your heart will never, ever let you down.
  5. Fail hard, and learn how to handle it. As JK Rowling (serial failure) said, “The knowledge that you have emerged wiser and stronger from setbacks means that you are, ever after, secure in your ability to survive.”
  6. Make sure that you choose a career based on happiness and fulfillment, and not money, and you’ll be rewarded every day of your life.
  7. Most things will work again if you turn them off and turn them back on again. We don’t know why, its just science.
  8. Its always okay to start again from scratch. Sometimes you need to try something to find out its not who you are. Be brave, take a second chance.
  9. Surround yourself with people you can rely on. Fake friends will make you feel empty inside. Find your people and hold them close.
  10. Manners will get you places. Please and Thank You cost nothing. Sprinkle them everywhere.
  11. Get to know new people, take an interest in people not like you. They will fill your life with colour and culture.
  12. Stop putting off that thing, you know, that thing you said you’d do. Time is a ticking my friend. Do it now, today.
  13. Don’t live a purely filtered life. The world is already so beautiful, and so are you.
  14. Decide what your own worth is. Don’t base it on anyone else’s treatment of you. Set your standards high.
  15. Achieve one thing every day, even something teeny tiny that only you notice.
  16. Coffee and energy drinks are no substitute for sleep. Go to bed.

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