There is a cold reality when it comes to life. People are people, imperfect and flawed, and human in all the best possible ways.

When it comes to friendships, you can do all the right things, and twist yourself into a thousand different versions of yourself, and still not be liked by everyone. You can love someone so much, and treat them like gold, and still not be valued in return.

You can speak with carefully chosen, well-intentioned words, and still have those words twisted into a weapon against you.

You can do everything right, and try your hardest, and still not get what you want.

You can be kind, understanding, and loving and still be seen as the bad guy.

You can be the most beautiful creature on earth, smart as a whip, engaging and charming and funny with have hair like silk down to your backside, and still, be rejected. You can be Miss Right, and not be Miss-Right-Now or Miss Right-For-Them

Relationships are messy, people are messy, circumstances can be misaligned, baggage can be heavy. Everyone comes to the table with a different perspective, we’re all looking at the same world through different lenses, based on our personalities, circumstances, and experiences. And we all yearn for and value different things. But we are all deserving of love.

Sometimes things just don’t work out the way we planned. It may not be your fault, it may not be fair, it just is.

You are not too much, you are not not enough. You have a place in the world, don’t try to fit your round self into a square hole, keep bringing your whole self to the table and your people will find you.

Look around you, there is beauty everywhere. Sometimes you need to squint a little and turn your head sideways but it’s there, in every dark place, in every broken heart.

Let go of that which has hurt you, it no longer serves you, but hold on tight to everything you have learned, you worked hard to learn it, don’t let those lessons be wasted.

Some day we will all dance together again, with our faces towards the sun. And we will love it, and each other all the more.


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