Festival Season is in full swing, and you can’t swing a cat around Ireland ATM without hitting an amazing event, from ATN to Longitude, and the big-daddy, Electric picnic.

There has been some controversy this year with many artists including Lilly Allen and DJ Annie Mac calling organisers out for not featuring a balance of male and female acts. In the UK this year over 70% of acts are male artists or bands.

To balance things out a little, a new festival called HearHer will take place in Dorset in October, and the programme will feature entirely female solo artists or fronted bands.

The entire festival is organised by female producers and will be curated by KT Tunstal (pictured above).

HearHer will be “the only UK festival to boast an 100% female bill”, organisers say, and is solely created – everything from set design and sound engineering to lighting – by women.

The festival “aims to promote female empowerment and diminish inequality and discrimination in the music industry. It will “elevate female talent into the positions they have rightfully earned, provide a positive space in which to nurture female grassroots talent, and  embrace and champion women both on and off stage”.

The line up is pretty amazing too, and features Irish folk singer SOAK, aswell as Bang Bang Romeo, Cat Burns, Toya Delazy and Hannah Trigwell.

We’ve got enough amazing female artists in Ireland to fill five festivals. Who would be in your line up? 🎵🎵🎵🎵

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