If there’s one word you should add to your vocabulary, it’s ‘yet’.

‘Yet’ turns give up sentences into goals. See for yourself. Instead of

“I don’t know how to speak French”

“I can’t do fishtail plaits”

“I don’t understand algebra”


I don’t know how to speak French… yet

“I can’t do fishtail plaits…. yet”

“I don’t understand algebra… yet”

Its amazing what adjusting your language and your attitude by just a little bit can do. Never give up on something because it seems tricky of difficult. Stick with it and you’ll get there eventually.

Just look at Jim Carrey who was boo’d off stage for 7 years before his career took off, or Beyonce, who spent 8 years trying to get Destiny’s Child together, or Katie Perry, who was dropped by 3 labels before she had a hit, or even Oprah, who was fired for being “unfit for TV”!

Don’t just take it from us, listen to Janelle Monae and the Sesame Street gang…..

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