Need some inspiration of a Wednesday? Check out these ladies who gave zero f**ks what society wanted them to be, and danced to their own tune, and then go dance to yours (as long as its Beyonce).

Afghan women in a record store in Kabul before the Taliban seized power in the 1950’s.

Aviator Amelia Earhart just before becoming the first woman to fly an aircraft across the Atlantic Ocean, 1928

Annette Kellerman posing in the swimsuit that got her arrested for indecency in 1907


Women boxing on a roof in LA, 1933

Anna Fisher, the first mother in space.

Katherine Switzer, the 1st woman to run the Boston Marathon, despite organisers trying to stop her, 1967 (read more here)

Leola N King, the first female traffic cop in the US, 1918

Margaret Bourke-White, photographer, on top of the Chrysler building, 1934

Marina Ginesta guarding Barcelona during the Spanish Civil War, 1936

Maude Wagner, The Us’s first female Tattoo Artist, 1907

A Swedish woman who reportedly survived a concentration camp, hits a young neo-nazi with her handbag (1985)

The “Night Witches”. A group of Russian bombers that carried out hundreds of night bombing raids on Nazi Military camps.

Onna-Bugeisha, female Samurai, late 1800’s

21 year old Sarla Thakard, the 1st Indian woman to get her pilots licence, 1936

Valentina Tershkova, the first women in space.

Image result for countess markievicz

Countess Marchievicz, winning freedom for Ireland.

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