Hey. How are you doing??

This is a question we asked hundreds of girls over the past few weeks, with the help of The Irish Second Level Students Union and The Youth Lab.

We’ve been traveling all over Ireland for years, talking to girls in schools about how they are doing, how they feel about themselves, how they feel about the world, and what they worry about. We have known that many of us are struggling, but this research we’ve done helps us to tell those who make decisions, so we can do more to help.

“I feel it is very hard to be a confident person in today’s society if you do not fit into its expectations of you. There are people who are able to fit in to this vision with ease but I feel as though I am missing a handbook they had, especially with things like socialising, it comes so naturally for others but I really have to think before saying something and still I say the wrong thing.” Girl A

Some really striking findings were:

  • Only 20% of teenage girls feel as though they will have the same opportunities as boys
  • 77% of teen girls in Ireland don’t ‘feel beautiful’
  • Almost 60% agree that they have worries or anxieties that nobody knows about
  • 84% think negative thoughts about the world around them
  • 90% have negative thoughts about themselves


It’s tough growing up in Ireland right now, we’re all feeling it, and what this report shows us is that none of us are alone. The more we talk about these issues, and share our stories with each other, the more we can help, and the better our relationships will be. Your voice is your superpower, never forget that.

“I have ambitions and I know I will be able to complete them, but I also know I won’t be able to do it without causing myself to go on the verge of a mental breakdown.” Girl B

We’ve shared the report in full below. If you have any questions, please get in touch…

Team Shona xx


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