Today marks day one of a new year. For many of us, it feels like the start of a new story, a chance to put past mistakes and trauma behind us, and to start fresh.

Instagram is full of promises to lose weight, get fit, find a partner, learn a new language, get an amazing job. For us, these resolutions are harmful, as you tell yourself you’ll be good enough when….

So we’ve created a new type of resolution, our manifesto.

Similar to our pledge (If you haven’t signed it yet, do it now!), the 2022 manifesto includes the promises that we hope to make to ourselves, the rules we hope to keep, and the thoughts we will try to focus on. But, if we let it slip from time to time, that’s okay too.

We can only do our best…

  1. I promise to trust my gut, she knows me better than I know myself.
  2. I promise to be kinder to, and more appreciative of, my body.
  3. I promise to look for more opportunities to grow, learn, and meet new people.
  4. I promise to support my sisters, all of them.
  5. I promise to never again apologise for being myself.
  6. I promise to forgive myself for the mistakes I made in the past, I am a good person, and now I know better.
  7. I promise to ask for help when I need it.
  8. I promise to take one day at a time and live in the moment.
  9. I know that I will fail at times, but I promise to always pick myself back up, and try again.
  10. I promise to be kind to myself first, so I can be kind to those around me.


This year is your year! We can just feel it in our bones. Let’s take everything we’ve learned through 2021 and put it to use, strutting into 2022 with our open hearts and heads held high x


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