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We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again. We have the most amazing group of ambassadors who have such an amazing range of talent. We even happen to have our very own Yogi, @missfiyoga .  So with lockdown 3.0 in full flow, we thought we would give yoga a go. We asked Fiona, “why is yoga good for you?” and well, she had us convinced! But don’t take our word for it, have a read of what Fiona had to say! 

Yoga had so many benefits, but if I had to mention just a few, it would be these…

  1. It’s a break from everything. No matter what is going on in your life, no matter what you have to do (or what you’re putting off doing), yoga gives you space and a place to meet yourself on the mat and breathe, which sometimes is a lot more than just simple.
  2. Breathe it in. Yoga is a chance to marry breath with movement and movement with breath. Even if you are in a seated meditation or savasana (the lying down pose where you absorb the practice at the end and sometimes gently drift off to sleep), every breath you take brings a little more energy and movement to your body. Every inhale gives you a chance to connect to the present moment, every exhale gives you a chance to let something that isn’t serving you go.
  3. It’s great for inflammation. And by that I mean, yoga is proven to reduce levels of proteins called pro-inflammatory cytokines that are tied to many inflammation-related health conditions. Yoga is also great for increasing something called antibody titers, which are directly tied to a stronger immune system.
  4. It’s also great for the gut. Gut feelings are important; they help you make decisions when your brain might be feeling mixed up about things. But when the gut’s hormone levels are off, your feelings can be highly swayed for the negative. The gut produces over 90% of the body’s serotonin (a happy hormone), so if the gut isn’t happy, neither are you. Luckily, yoga contains lots of twists and strengthening poses to add to your gut help. So when it’s got happy, so do you.
  5. It connects you – to yourself and a community. Even during covid with the studios closed, teachers are continuing to teach live classes over zoom, so if you are feeling isolated or less connected to your body than you’re used to, you can always tune into a class and breathe collectively. It’s also great if you’ve felt anxious in the past about attending a class; from the privacy of your home, you can practice camera off and adapt your environment to your yoga needs. Basically – do yoga. You’ll feel better for it.


So, what do you think? Want to give yoga a go? Well, Fiona has you covered! She runs her own yoga classes via zoom. Here’s her Zoom schedule and prices for all you budding yogis! PS. All you’ve got to do is email Fiona at missfiyoga@gmail.com to reserve your space. 

MissFiYoga - Schedule


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