Hey, how are ya? Hows quarantine going for you?

Are you struggling to stay motivated and occupy your mind? Do you like to write?

The Shona Project has always been a platform for women and girls to share their stories, their opinions, and their experiences so we all feel less alone. We’ve featured stories from all sorts of people, both our ambassadors, and those who just stop by from time to time. People who have struggled with mental health, who have tricky relationships, who fight against illness, who struggle to fit in, who have found a way to overcome challenges. All of our writers inspire us.

While this pandemic has forced us all to isolate, we are all together in sharing this once in a generation (hopefully) experience. For all of the team at Shona, we have had time to think, to reflect, to read and to find new ways to connect with those we are missing. What have you been doing? We want to hear from you! What has your experience been like? How have you been filling your time? What past experiences have you had time to think about? How will you be different? Will you be different?

If you would like to share a piece with us, we’d love to hear from you. It could be about your personal experience during or pre-covid 19. Maybe you’ve been inspired by someone else’s story. Perhaps something has been keeping you awake at night and you need to get it down on paper to work through it.

Our articles are usually 500-700 words. Don’t worry about spelling or formatting. We can keep it anonymous if you wish. For further information, or to submit, email info@shona.ie.

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