January 2017 saw hundreds of thousands of protesters walk the streets of every major city in the US to take a stand against Trump’s presidency. The men, women and children peacefully ensured their voices were heard, mostly through the most genius signs you’ve ever seen.

Much as we don’t agree with Trump, in any sense of the word, his presidency has prompted an uprising of women not just against his role as leader of the free world, but against the patriarchy as a whole. Women across the world are demanding equality, respect, body autonomy and the right to feel safe, y’know, the basics.

Yesterday, the marches took place again, with a different theme, but no less power. The speeches were all very different, Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson spoke about reclaiming power over their own bodies and rejecting shame. Viola Davis spoke about social justice. Paris Jackson spoke about love and forgiveness. Halsey gave a speech about her own experience of sexual assault that cut close to the bone because it was so very far from unique.

We have shared these videos below, but please be warned that Halsey’s speech is tough to watch.

Natalie Portman

Viola Davis

Scarlett Johansson


Paris Jackson


Halsey (With Trigger Warning)



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