The best show on television right now has to be- Wingman. This RTE show had a lot to live up to. We had already all fallen in love with Baz Ashmawy and his amazing mother from “50 Ways to Kill Your Mammy”, and the trailers, ads and promo promised that this would be the unmissable programme of 2019. It definitely delivered.

The programme follows Baz, ‘wingmanning’ different Irish eccentric characters as they go on life changing journeys, and have a laugh along the way. I’ve loved the series so far, it’s the perfect mix of comedy and heart wrenchingly beautiful scenes of human struggle and accomplishment, but the last episode struck me at the core.

Baz wingmans Emma, signing her up to train to be an MMA fighter.

At first I was thinking that this would not appeal to me at ALL, but once we hear Emma’s story I was instantly captivated. Emma is a breast cancer survivor, and a victim of domestic abuse and violence. And she is incredibly badass. She is likable and funny and I was rooting for her from the start. As she enters her first fight after only a few weeks of training, we see Emma get upset as she recalls the abuse she has lived through. To see a woman who has suffered from physical abuse use MMA as a way to empower herself and to regain her confidence is truly and utterly admirable. And I LOVED seeing her learn to fight back.

It’s inspiring to see her journey, including the early mornings, hospital visits, fasts, insane training, and to see the payoff is just beautiful. For once, a journey like this is shown as it is, gruelling, difficult, but so worth it. It’s so lovely to see Emma’s personal development and confidence grow throughout the programme, and I can safely say that she is now one of my heroes. She is strong, inspiring, and powerful. Long live Emma Stafford. Queen of the Cage.

You can watch all 3 episodes on the RTE player HERE. Hey Baz! Make more please!!!

Daisy x

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