This is so amazing.

RTE are partnering with our friends at Herstory (remember they projected our images on the GPO that time?), to create animation projects to celebrate Ireland’s forgotten Irish heroines.

Starting next Spring, the animations will celebrate Ireland’s great female trailblazers, many of whom have been overlooked by history or whose stories are only now emerging through projects like Herstory.

For the project, which is called “Who’s Your Heroine? RTEjnr are inviting young people aged 7-17 to nominate women who inspire them, some of which will feature in the animations. You can nominate as many women as you like including pioneering women from history; mythological legends, or a woman at the heart of your family or local community who has achieved something remarkable for herself, or others…

So get your thinking gaps on, and nominate HERE…

Cover picture by Sean Branigan

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