Its such a simple and obvious thing to be told to drink more water. If we’re honest, talking and thinking about and drinking water is a little boring. But when we think about it, there are so many reasons why we should all be drinking more.


It will wake up your brain: If you’re struggling to concentrate in school/ college/ work, you might just be a little dehydrated. Scientific studies have shown that drinking water helps to improve your cognitive ability and mental functions. Well hello seven A’s in the leaving cert!


It improves your physical performance: Drinking more water helps your heart to pump better, which delivers more oxygen to the muscles. It keep your body cooler and lubricates your joints.


It makes your skin look amazing: The beauty industry doesn’t want you to know this, as water doesn’t make them as much money as €50 eye creams does, but its been proven that drinking more water plumps the skin and makes it look brighter and younger.


It helps digestion: If you’re feeling a little “backed up”, it may because you don’t have enough liquid in your system to flush it out. Being dehydrated is often confused with hunger, which makes you eat more, which backs you up even further, and so it continues.

It makes you feel good: What with all that lovely skin, and regular pooping and straights A’s, how could you not be in the best mood ever???

Its free: You guys, it literally comes out of a tap!



How to tell if you’re not drinking enough.

  1. First of all, look at your pee. It should be almost clear, if its quite yellow, hit the tap.
  2. You have a dry mouth.
  3. Other symptoms of dehydration include; fatigue, headaches, constipation, sunken eyes, dry skin, muscle cramps and joint pain.

Make drinking more water one of your 2019 goals, pick up a water bottle, and fill it up!

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