Earlier this week, we watched this years Victoria’s Secret fashion show online whilst eating mini-boost bars (still obsessed) in our peejays and wondered where on earth these literal angels have come from. Now, we’re not into throwing shade, and these women sure are beautiful, but this show would in no way encourage us to go within five feet of a Victoria’s Secret shop for fear of a trapdoor opening and ejecting us from the premises due to our abnormal normalness. Do they even make these knickers in a size 12?

Anyway, whilst the only 14 women who fit this body type on the actual planet probably get free knickers anyway, the rest of us are left feeling slightly less than. Because of this, the staff at Buzzfeed decided to recreate the show, celebrating women of all shapes and sizes, and boy did they slay.

The show featured women of all heights, sizes, ethinicities, & gender identities. They all talked about their relationships with their bodies, and none seemed overly confident, but they felt the fear and did it anyway, and they all looked beautiful. The show was closed by Tess Holliday, a famous plus-size model, who herself was a little unsure, having just had a baby.

As one of the models said, “We should all be given the chance to feel as beautiful as we actually are.”

Ain’t that the truth

Watch the full video below:

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