A perfume ad is a perfume ad, am I right?

A pretty lady runs through a meadow/jungle/abandoned city pouting at the camera while wisps of her hair float softly around her perfect face.

A man in a suit/white shirt/linen trouser combo/ his scunders sees her from afar and is instantly transfixed by her. Their eyes meet. It’s love.

She jumps on the back of his motorbike/convertible/elephant while looking backwards over her shoulder and breathlessly informing us the the new scent is amazing and not at all a rejig of the same oul tap water they’ve been selling at an astronomical price since 1983.

And we fall for it. Every.Single. Time.

Well, form an orderly queue behind us for this one. The new Kenzo ad is perfection. Spike Jonez directs”Leftovers”star Margaret Qualley, and basically allows her to behave the way we all want to but really think we shouldn’t. Enjoy…


Added Bonus: this ad has similarities with this glorious music video directed by Jonez starring all round legend Christopher Walken from 2001. Isn’t he marvellous?


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