What to do if a friend unfollowed you

Navigating relationships of any kind can be difficult, especially online, where it seems that there are all these hidden rules and measures that you need to follow in order to maintain a friendship/relationship. So, what happens when one of these relationships goes wrong, and you find out that someone you love has just unfollowed you? You may have had a fight, or it could be a case where this is totally out of the blue. What should you do? Should you leave it or confront the person about it?

What to do if a friend unfollowed you- what do I do

Well, leaving it and not confronting her is probably the easier option but you’ll still be left wondering what happened. ‘Leaving it’ also doesn’t give you the opportunity to try to sort things out. You could start by asking a mutual friend if they have any idea what is going on.

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If you do decide to take this route, it’s important to 1. speak to a friend that you trust with your soul, and 2. remember not to go in guns blazing. You don’t know the whole situation yet, so don’t let your emotions get in the way of figuring things out. You may have done something to upset this friend without realising it, or they may wrongly think you have done something. So take this route cautiously and don’t be defensive.

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If nobody has any idea what is going on, you could message the friend, but if that’s not possible, maybe pluck up the courage to speak to them directly and ask why they unfollowed you. Think in advance about what you want to say, once again, choose your words carefully, and don’t come in with accusations. If you do this you may say something you don’t actually mean and it could make the situation worse. Explain to your friend how hurt you felt and ask what they felt you did wrong. Remember to actually listen to their explanation, don’t automatically come back at them with anger, even if the situation may deserve it. You’ll be glad in the future that you responded with calmness.

Unfollowing someone without an explanation is not how a good friend behaves, but maybe there is an explanation. Asking them and trying to sort it out may answer your questions, but you may have to accept that, for reasons you may never know, your friendship has come to an end.


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