In Umoja secondary school in Eldoret, Kenya, Muslim girls are riding bikes to school. In rural Kenya, many students can’t go to school because of distance. Most girls can’t go to school as they have hours and hours of jobs to do around the house. Now cycling is changing all of that.

In Kenya, it is not traditional for Muslim girls to ride bicycles. In 2016, 122 students received bicycles at Umoja Secondary School from World Bicycle relief, a global non-profit distributing high quality bicycles in developing countries. In that school Christian and Muslim girls are uniting in their newfound freedom.

Kelly, 14, said…

“It was so surprising to see the Muslim girls riding the bike. It changed my opinion because I now knew Muslim girls, they are just like us”

Ayan, 16 said…

“We can be ourselves not what people want us to be”

Umoja school and the World Bicycle Relief are giving these students a chance at an education. While also uniting students and defying the cultural norm.

You’re doing great Umoja, keep going what you’re doing.

You can watch the video here:

This post was written by Aisling.

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