Close your eyes and think back to when you were little. Now we mean playschool little. What was she like? Who did she want to become? What were her hopes and dreams? Well, these are the exact questions being answered by the #ThisLittleGirlIsMe movement currently flooding social media.

Started by Inspiring Girls International, in honour of International Day of the Girl happening on the 11th of October 2021 (jot that down girls), the aim is to share a photo of yourself on social media explaining who were you as a little girl, and how did that make you who you are today! Research shows that more than 90% of girls feel they have higher personal and career aspirations after following inspirational women on social media.

So, it’s only fair that we get on board too and add our own little SHONA twist, right? We reached out to our board members and ambassadors and asked them to share a picture along with:

  • Who is this little girl?
  • How did she make you the person you are today?
  • Why do you support The Shona Project?


We got a lot of giggles as the pictures flooded in. From the bowl cuts to the costumes and the general sense of style! But aren’t these just the cutest bunch of little ladies you’ve ever seen? So, what do you say? Do you fancy meeting the little ladies who now form one of the best communities of amazing women ever?! Of course you do!

Sure look, of course, we have to kick it off with the woman who started The Shona Project and brought us all together. Also, not forgetting the lady who is the inspiration behind The Shona Project.

Tammy & Shona

This is me and my sister, Shona, she always had my back, and I hers. Her illness inspired me to ensure that all of us girls and women would have each others backs no matter what, and create a giant sisterhood, so we can all live our fullest lives


I could talk for Ireland when I was little, and I have earned my living from communicating ever since, first in broadcasting, later public speaking, training and facilitating, and then coaching others to do the same. I support Shona because I want every little girl to discover her voice, and never be afraid to use it.



I’d love to tell this little girl that she will do lot’s of things with her hair – but never again will a pudding bowl be allowed near her!  I loved playing shop and ran a shop in my Grandmothers farmyard with my two cousins selling second-hand treasures to any visitor to the farm… I always wanted to do that when I was older, and so I did, even if it took me a while to get there.  I support Shona to tell every little girl that it’s OK to dream big dreams and while it might take some time – those dreams can become reality!



This Little Girl is me! I was a bit mischievous when I was younger. Being the youngest child of four meant I tried to get away with murder with my Mam and Dad and three older siblings. I always was a bit of a risk-taker. This lead me to try my hat at things that scared me and excited me all through my life. Including moving country, travelling around Central America, cliff diving, bungee balling in Ibiza and shaving the side of my head. My career in PR has landed me as Group Account Director for Youth Marketing Agency, Thinkhouse where I encourage clients to be bold, brave and fearless in their approach to fame-driving campaigns. I support The Shona Project because I am passionate about girls being fearless, courageous and honest. I believe that every girl should have their voice heard loudly ❤️



When I was younger I never stopped asking questions and I loved learning about other people and their experiences. This has stayed with me today as I LOVE to chat and I love hearing peoples stories and experiences. Obviously rocking that velvet dress, my love of fashion started young and those red cheeks were a natural blush. I support Shona because every young girl deserves to believe they are capable of doing anything they want, nothing is impossible with the right supports! xx



When I was little, you would either find me chatting to complete strangers or talking to animals. No one was safe from me as I just LOVED to talk, and always had to be doing or trying something new. That is still very true to this day. It kind of suits me that I landed a job in marketing where I get to talk to and work with so many people every single day, and no two days are the same. I support Shona because I think it is so important that every little girl can grow up in a world where she can have the opportunity to achieve all of her dreams and have a support system to help her through every up and down life throws at her.



When I was little, I always had a pencil in my hand, drawing pictures of fairies and princesses. Now, I’m studying Advanced Art in college, spending my days drawing, sewing, painting and writing! I support Shona because I want the girls of Ireland to be kind to each other, and recognise that it is our unique talents that make us who we are!



When I was little, I took on other people’s emotions, wondering why I felt sad around sad people, even when I was just feeling happy. Now I realise it was empathy I was experiencing, and my empathy makes me feel connected to others. I stand with Shona because they put this connection and the core of what they do, and allow all types of feelings to be felt, without judgement.



I was always singing and listening to music around the house as a young child. I started my first musical instrument lesson at 5 and now, I am just starting a degree in Music. My childhood hobbies have become a huge part of my life and have made me into the person I am today. I support Shona because girls should know that they can achieve every dream that they have!



When I was young, my parents read The Gruffalo to me at bedtime. I loved it so much that I could recite all the words, without actually knowing how to read as I hadn’t gone to school yet. My life nowadays is filled with books and they inspired me to complete my degree in English at UCC and also pursue my career in creative writing and literature. I support The Shona Project because it provides a platform for authentic young female voices to speak about what’s important to them.



As Before & Still the Same, The Brownie in Me. Looking full of thought, being full of curious wonder and sharing kindness & service.

Be (ing) Different
Be (ing) the Difference

Throughout my life, I have experienced how to connect with myself and to be happy to be me.
I am grateful to support Shona as it empowers others to take care of themselves as they grow and flow through their lives.



This photo reminded me of being young and totally carefree and showing off my new slip to anyone who would pay attention!! The reason I became involved in The Shona Project is that sometimes we lose that confidence and comfort in our own skin and we need to be reminded of the special individuals we are and learn tools and life skills to help us to do that. The workshops we deliver to Ireland’s next generation of young women are an incredible way to keep this little girl in me alive in our next generation of leaders, creatives and thinkers.


Aren’t we all just adorable?! Fancy getting in on the trend? Just pop a picture of you up on social media tell us about that little girl and make sure to use the hashtag #ThisLittleGirlIsMe! Tag us too so we can see your adorable face!


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