So we’ve all heard the term “coming out” and we know that it refers to someone from the LGBT community telling their friends and family the truth about themselves. We’ve all heard the good and the bad stories; parents who say they always knew and those who refuse to accept the facts and the relationships that are destroyed. Either way, the majority of people who talk about their ‘coming out’ say that the relief they felt was like an actual ton weight being lifted from their shoulders.

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Her.ie printed a lovely conversation between a trans girl and her sister today that brought a tear to my eye.

coming out

coming out 2

You can see from the conversation that the relationship between these sisters has now reached new levels of love and honesty, and that both sisters had said what they had felt for the first time. For anyone carrying this weight, you, and only you, will know when the time is right for you to take this step. Don’t underestimate unconditional love.

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