You may not have heard of him, but Rankin is one of the most successful photographers of all time. He has worked with musicians, models and royalty, including Queen Elizabeth herself.

In his latest project called “Selfie Harm”, Rankin took stunning photographs of 15 teenagers aged 13-19. He then invited the teens to spend about 5 minutes editing their portraits until they felt they were “social media ready”. The teens, boys and girls, used the editing apps already installed on their phones, and set to work making their noses smaller, their eyes bigger and darker, their skin brighter and clearer and adding makeup where possible.

The resulting images looked like the portraits you see on magazine covers, showing just how accessible it is to create a persona for yourself that is “perfect” but unrealistic, and also proving how the availability of these apps have made our god given features simply unsharable in their natural state.

“I want to challenge the way it is being used and abused in the wider world.”

Check out the rest of the photo’s here. 

Massive thanks to friend of Shona, Layla Beattie for sharing this. x

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