I celebrate my 27th birthday soon. I’m really not a birthday person and would melt into a puddle at even the thought of someone throwing me a surprise birthday party. The singing + everyone looking at you = NO THANK YOU! I can’t be the only one, right? 


Anyway, other than the fact I am slowly trying to deal with the realisation that I am now in my late twenties (still can’t say that out loud), I’ve been looking back at how much I have grown since my teenage years, and all of the things these 27 trips around the sun have taught me. So, I wanted to share those with you because who knows, it might help someone who is out there trying to navigate the chaos of just growing up. 


1. Just because a relationship is blood, it doesn’t mean it deserves your energy. We don’t get to choose our family. Many of us are incredibly lucky to have some amazing people who we are related to. But, if you have someone who you would not associate with if they weren’t related to you, know that you still don’t have to give them your time or energy. 


2.Speaking of family, you’ll come to realise many of those you’ll consider family, aren’t actually related to you. Some of the most incredible people in my life are those who I have chosen to love, and those relationships just hit differently. 


3.Your parents actually don’t have a clue what is going on either. When we are younger, many of us will look to our parents, or a parent figure for guidance, right? Then when we get to adulthood, we’ll still look to them because they are a more adulty adult. Well, it turns out, they are just out here in the wild looking for a more adulty adult too! 


4.Invest in a good bra! Look, I know €60 – €100 on a bra sounds ridiculous! (because it is really), but trust me here, your ladies will thank you! 


5.You are only the leading role in your own story. You know all of those times you go out and freak out because “what if they are looking at me?” or “What if they think I’m weird?”. Turns out they are too concerned with thinking the same thing about themselves to even notice your pimple or the tiny hair on the top of your head that you couldn’t tame. So chill and go and live your main character life. 


6.No is a full sentence. If you’re like me, you are a prime example of a people pleaser. So, when you have to say no to something, you feel as though you owe the other person an explanation. News flash… you don’t! 


7.The independence that comes with driving is something else. Now, I don’t for a second take for granted how incredibly lucky I was to be able to learn young and afford my own car. I know not everyone would have this opportunity as a teenager, or even as an adult. But, if you have the chance, go for it!! 


8.College is such an incredible experience. I LOVED every second of college. I grew as a person, started to learn who I really was and met some of my best friends that I still call family 6 years later! If you have the chance, please give it a shot. 


9.You will find the job you love and you will flourish. Okay, you’ll work through some shitty jobs. Some, you will cope because of the friendships you form over shared trauma with your colleagues, others will just be downright horrible. But I promise you, there is light at the end of the tunnel! 


10.Trust your gut! I cannot say this enough. Your gut knows you better than you know you. So if something is off about a person or a situation, walk away. You’ll thank yourself. 


11.You will get things wrong (often over and over again). This is okay. Actually, it is more than okay. Just use it as a way to learn and always keep moving forward. 


12.Everyone has a creative outlet. So I learned very early on, that I could not sing, most definitely couldn’t dance, and I couldn’t draw a straight line even if I had a ruler. So, I ruled out the fact that I could be creative. But, I’ve come to learn that being creative isn’t all about arts. It can be baking (my go-to when I need a bit of zen time), gardening, building a Pinterest board and the list goes on! 


13.Animals are better than people and I will die on that hill. Do I even need to say more? 


14.One good friend is worth more than 10 half-ass friends. I always felt like an outsider or that something was wrong with me because I never had that girl gang that did everything together. Turns out, it’s not actually something I would want now.


15.Fact or feelings? Can’t figure it out, take it to court! So if you are an overthinker like me, you’ll often find yourself stressing or worrying over things that haven’t even happened yet (and probably won’t). So when this happens, I have learned to ask myself, “Is what I am feeling right now a fact, or is it just a feeling?”. If I can’t work it out, I take the feeling to the imaginary jury in my head and present the facts I have. 95% of the time, it doesn’t have any legs to stand on and is ruled as nonsense. 


16.You are weird, but the right people will love your weirdness. Again, when you find your tribe, you will feel invincible. 


17.You are capable of hard things. Yes, stepping outside your comfort zone is f’ing terrifying, but with the right people behind you, ready to catch you in case you fall, then you realise there are risks worth taking! 


18.You will NEVER need the Pythagorean theorem (unless you are a smarty pants with a cool job in STEM, maybe?). The hours that were spent in school trying to do sums in my head, learn off theorems and just general maths chaos, yep, you never actually need that. Plus, you have a calculator in your pocket, so who’s laughing now Mrs. *Insert Maths teacher’s name here*


19.Not everyone is going to like you. This is okay, and you won’t like everyone either. 


20.Men’s razors!!! Stuff the pink tax, plus they are better for all areas. IYKYK. 


21.Makeup is confusing and it’s okay not to know what you are doing. I still haven’t a clue and just wing it! Watch videos, experiment, and ask questions. These are the only way to learn.


22.Social media is a highlight reel. Once you realise this, the freedom you will unlock is next level. And chances are most of those celebs don’t even look like that, so no amount of fancy mascara or lip plumbing gloss will make you look like Kim K, sorry not sorry. 


23.Your resilience is your superpower. Growing up, I always wished for a superpower like being able to read minds or teleport. Turns out I had one all along. That was my resilience. Little me, teenage me, and adult me have made it through so much, and I am so proud of each version of me. 


24.Just be kind. It costs you nothing. You will never know how much someone might need even the smallest act of kindness. It’s so simple to just be a kind human. 


25.Spend your money on experiences. Chances are you’ll forget that pair of trainers you spent a ridiculous amount on. Or you’ll have to bin that handbag eventually because the dog chewed it. What you won’t forget or regret is that first holiday you booked without your parents/guardians, or the Taylor Swift tickets you fought so hard to get (plus you paid for them last year, so this year it’s a free concert. Girl maths!!). Experiences will create memories that will last you a lifetime. 


26.Your over-the-top need to be organised, well you can actually make a career out of that. Operations, the mystical career that plays to ALL of your strengths. It just took you a while to figure out that it was perfect for you. Turns out every company has a whole department dedicated to people who, you’ve guessed it, are the people who organise everything so the company can function! 


27.You are so loved. Yep, you. All of those nights you have spent wondering does anyone care, or does anyone actually like you? It turns out that you have so many people who love you unconditionally, just for you. Hold that close and never ever forget it x

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