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For some people taking notes and writing things down is the only way to really retain information. You could stare at your teacher scribbling away on a whiteboard all day, but none of what they’re talking about is going to sink in until you put pen to paper yourself.

If you just read that paragraph and thought “yep that’s me“, then we have some amazing tips for you to transcend your note-taking to a new level.

Number One: Make it look cute 

Okay, basic, we know. But actually, taking your notes down in a way that’s visually pleasing to you will probably help you to absorb the information better. Think about it, if you look at a page with tonnes of black or blue writing, no headlines, and no spacing, you’re going to turn your attention elsewhere. But, if you turn your notes into a *work of art* they’re going to hold your attention for a lot longer.

We’re talking cute pastel highlighters, scriptwriting headlines, bullet points made from love hearts – the whole shebang! If you’re stuck on what direction to go in, you can find some amazing note inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram.

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Number Two: Only write what you don’t know 

We’ve all been there, you think that you’re only writing about what’s important, but then when you go to look back at your notes you realise you’ve basically just rewritten your book word for word.

Focus your notes on the things you don’t know. This will both save you time and mean that when you study your notes you’re taking in information that your brain needs to see the most.

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Number Three: Set a colour scheme 

It can sometimes help to allocate each subject to a certain colour so that you associate each colour with that one particular subject. Also keeping your notes simple with a colour scheme will make it easier for you to read. So, choose a set amount of colours for your notes and stick to them throughout – we’re thinking purple for Science, green for geography, red for maths etc.

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Number Four: Keep it short but sweet

As we mentioned above, bullet points are your best friend when it comes to taking notes. There’s no need to stress yourself out with long sentences and paragraphs, our minds weren’t designed to retain information in that way. Instead, think of how you can simplify information into small chunks that are easiest for you to remember. Highlight keywords and make-up acronyms, whatever makes them both easier to read and in return, easier to retain.

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