Period Poverty

What Is Period Poverty?

Periods are a normal bodily function, experienced by about half of the world’s population every month. And yet, we still struggle to be upfront and have open conversations about how they affect our lives. Period products, like pads and tampons, can be expensive and can put people under serious financial pressure. ‘Period poverty’ refers to

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Your Period Questions Answered!

Periods: your monthly reminder from Mother Nature that your body is a miracle of engineering, and that you are a superhuman with a body that shows up for you every minute of every day… Period talk can be a little awkward, but it really shouldn’t be. Sometimes we feel too embarrassed to ask questions or

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Why Can’t We Talk About Periods???

Oh.. are we not supposed to go there? Would you prefer we hadn’t brought it up? Aunt Flo, shark week, red ribbon, things, yolks, crimson wave, time of the month, women’s trouble, flowers, the painters. Here is a helpful list of about 1,000 alternative words you can use. Because it’s a well-known fact that if you

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