A Letter To My Younger Self – By Anjelica

To Anjelica from ten years ago, There’s so much I wish I could tell my younger self, lessons learned the hard way, warnings of bad days to come but most importantly, I wish I could let you know everything turns out ok and you will be alright. In 2012 people kept saying the world would

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A Letter To My Younger Self – By Izzy

We would like to provide you with a trigger warning before you continue to read. In this article, Izzy makes a reference to disordered eating.    Dear Isobel, As I’m writing this, the July sun is shining in through the sunroom windows and warming my skin. I look down at where the light is hitting,

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A Letter To My Younger Self – By Destiny

Dear younger dee, I’m twenty years old now, but I still hold on to my ten-year-old self in many ways, because she was the one who taught me how to be kind, outspoken, independent, and brave. Who I am now, is because of who I was when I was younger. All of the good and

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