It’s an unfortunate reality that we need to watch our backs when we’re out and about at night. Karen Buckleys death shocked all of us last year and incidents such as these are all too common.

According to The Independent, the following are the 10 most important rules for protecting yourselves and each other when out and about.

1 Tinder is the night…

If you’re meeting somebody from a dating website, let a friend know the details and have them call you after an hour to check in, perhaps with a code to let them know discreetly if you’re okay – eg, If the date is fine say, ‘No problem,’ or if something is going wrong, use, ‘No problemo.’

2 Walk Away

If somebody makes you uncomfortable, there’s no shame in simply walking away.

3 Pin It!

You can use location pins in WhatsApp to send the co-ordinates of where you are to someone. If you get into trouble and don’t know where you are, turn on your GPS and use these location pins.

4 Spray It!

At a pinch, you can slow down an attacker by spraying deodorant in their face, so worth carrying some in your handbag.

5 Know What You’re Getting

Don’t accept drinks from a stranger, don’t take a drink or other substance if you don’t know what it contains, and never leave a drink unattended.

6 Stick Together

If you’re going out with friends, arrange an agreed spot to meet up at a certain time in case you get separated, especially if you’re on holiday and not everybody’s phone works.

7 Know Who’s Taking You Home

If you’re taking a taxi alone, take down the number and text it to someone. Or look for a Halo, which emails you the name, number and licence number of your driver.

8 Be There for Each Other

If a friend becomes a victim of assault, be completely supportive. Don’t ask how drunk she was, what she was wearing, or if she was giving out a particular vibe. Victim-blaming has a silencing effect.

9 The Consent Test

If you’re struggling with what is and is not consensual sex, the YouTube video ‘Tea Consent’ spells it out – eg, You ask someone if they want a cup of tea and they say yes, and then in the time it takes to boil a kettle, they’ve gone off the idea… Then you don’t make them drink it.

10 Talk to Your Parents

You think we know nothing of the world, but we’ve been there, done it, worn the kaftan… Remember, we’re always here for you, no matter what.

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