So what are you up to this weekend? Here at Shona, we plan to have a nice lie in, watch some Netflix (okay, a lot of Netflix) and maybe go for a bit of an oul stroll if the rain holds off.

On Saturday, Sinead Kane will be preparing to run a Marathon in the Antarctic. That’s impressive eh?

But get this, over the next week Sinead will run have ran 7 marathons in 7 days in 7 different continents.

And, Sinead is a qualified Solicitor and PHD researcher.

And, Sinead is legally blind, having just 5% vision since birth. She hopes to become a world record holder as the first blind athlete to complete this mammoth challenge.

As a child, teacher’s told Sinead that a career in law was not an option for her, but she had no time for that nonsense, and proved them all wrong. Speaking to Ryan Tubriddy this week, she told him of the bullying she experienced in school, and how she now works in the area of bullying in DCU.

We will be cheering her on for sure.

You can listen to Sinead’s radio interview here.

You can follow her on twitter on @blindrunner777

You can follow her updates here.

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