@see.en.nuh@xobrooklynne this is no doubt better than any other tik tok chain created♬ Side to Captain Hook – sound.remixes


Having a belly that hangs over your jeans is normal. Having a belly that doesn’t is normal too. Having any kind of belly is, you guessed it, normal!

Having an endless TikTok scrolling session is one of my favourite things to do after a long day. Although, sometimes, I don’t feel great after because I feel I don’t look the way a lot of people look on the app.

But get ready people, a group of five TikTok influencers have started an amazing TikTok duet chain – being branded “the greatest chain of all time” –  and we are loving it.

@xobrooklynneYEPP! Let’s own every bit of ourselves because it’s all beautiful !! ##bodypostivity ##pov @brittanilancaster♬ Side to Captain Hook – sound.remixes


In each duet, you will see a girl wearing her pants a little lower than usual so her gorgeous natural belly is on show, and having a little boogy too! WE👏 LOVE 👏 THIS 👏

Carolina Gurdian, 27, was the first woman to copy and duet the original video from user @lizzykhang. Gurdian, who has over 190,000 followers on the app, said she was at home scrolling on TikTok last week when she saw @lizzykhang posing and dancing to a mashup of “Captain Hook” and “Side to Side.”

I saw this beautiful girl really enjoying her body and putting out there that she had a little tummy and she was terribly happy with it” said Gurdian.

@brittanilancaster##duet with @caro.gurdian This isn’t a chain but it totally should be!! @victoriagarrick4 @claraandherself @janatiktoks @riannakish♬ Side to Captain Hook – sound.remixes


Women supporting women is just freaking amazing, don’t you think? 🔥 So much body positivity has come from this chain, I just can’t deal. I spent about an hour scrolling through the sweetest comments I think any video could have!

We know the internet can be a weird place. You could be absolute fire, and someone has something bad to say. You could be showing a skill or a hobby and again someone isn’t nice. We love this positive body image chain because it promotes being comfortable in YOUR body, whatever way it looks.

@caro.gurdianOwn it 🦋 ##duet with @lizzykhang ##fyp ##foryoupage♬ Side to Captain Hook – sound.remixes


We think a quarantine belly should be a new trend anyway, just saying. The girls who started this trend have said ” We’re normalising the fact that being midsize or having a belly doesn’t mean you’re unhealthy.” To be honest, we are obsessed with the smiles and the joy that these videos ooze.

@lizzykhangOwn it ❤️♬ Side to Captain Hook – sound.remixes


Did you enjoy this duet chain as much as us? Did you even take part in your own duet? Or have you another body-positive chain you would like to share with us? Pop us an email on info@shona.ie to share your story 💖💕

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