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Have we got news for you!

We think it’s about time that The Shona Project gets with the times, joins TikTok, and creates Ireland’s Newest TikTok Challenge, do you agree? We can’t let Jason Derulo and our very own ambassador, Ruth Codd have all the fun!

To celebrate our new TikTok channel (you can check it out here @shonadotie), we have created our very own and Ireland’s Newest TikTok Challenge for all of you to get in on the fun. It’s called Shine4Shona and anyone that takes part is in with the chance of scooping some pretty nice Shona goodies for you and your best friend! Just have a look below at what you can win 🤩

Ireland's Newest TikTok Challenge Prize

Prizes include a Shona hoodie (turquoise or purple, you decide!), some Shona pens, wristbands and pins, some of our Survival Guide Handbooks, and some masks for you and your friends  🤩


So, What is the Shine4Shona challenge, we hear you ask?

Well, we are calling on the young girls and women of Ireland to show us the 4 things that make you SHINE in your typical day. This can be anything that empowers you, makes you happy, or just gives you that little smile you need on a bad day. The aim of the Shine4Shona challenge is to inspire each other, make each other smile, and share positivity during this rough time (thanks Coronavirus!).


What are our rules for Shine4Shona?

So we don’t have many rules because we want you to be as creative as possible 😁

  1. Duet our TikTok videos or create your own TikTok and tag us @shonadotie and use the challenge hashtag #shine4shona.
  2. Use the song “Glorious” by Macklemore.
  3. Max video length of 60 secs.


Want to see our ambassador’s Shine4Shona entries? check them out below or on our TikTok account HERE.



** As this is a challenge aimed at young people we kindly ask you:

No profanity

No inappropriate language

Appropriate skit/dance/appearance

No inappropriate gestures

Appropriate clothing


How will your TikTok entries for Shine4Shona be judged?

We LOVE creativity here at Shona so get your creative energy flowing and show us what you can do! We will also consider; transitions, originality, and whether you follow our guidelines 😉


Closing date for Ireland’s Newest TikTok Challenge

So like all good things, Shine4Shona must come to an end. You will have 2 whole weeks to get those entries in (closing date and the winner will be announced on the 26th of November). We also want you to remember, your positivity and kindness are needed now more than ever. We can create a safe and supportive space for the young girls and women of Ireland to share some positive and encourage one another to be kind to each other but most importantly, to be kind to ourselves. ❤

Does this all sound like great fun? because we definitely think it does! So why wait? Head on over to our TikTok Channel HERE to get some inspiration 😁


Best of luck to you all!  🤞🤞

If you would like to support us and the work that we do,  you can donate below ❤


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