Its all looking a bit grim at the moment. The rain forests are burning, the weather has gone crazy, and its all very worrying. As if us young people don’t have enough to worry about, now we can add eco-anxiety to the list. Sometimes it all feels a little too much. What can we do?

One of the things that contributes to this anxiety is the feeling of helplessness. The only cure is action. Once we all educate ourselves and do our bit, we can regain a little bit of control over our own futures.

How? Well here are some ideas to get us started….

  1. Ask questions. There’s more to education than what you learn in school. Learn as much as you can about the world around you by asking questions. Our favourite question is “Why”; Why do people behave as they do? Why do we do things this way? Why do we make assumptions about those who are different to us? Why do we still use so much plastic?

2. Understand. There’s nothing more satisfying than chatting to someone who agrees with us on everything. But this is what causes division among us. Have a rational and grown up chat with people who see the world differently to you. Try to understand their points of view and challenge your own.

3. Take Action. Start somewhere. The world’s problems seem too big for any one person to solve. But if everyone makes a little contribution, it can be transformative. You can start small, by getting involved in a litter pick, volunteering at an animal shelter, making different choices about sustainable fashion or writing letters to the people who make decisions that affect you.

4. Stay informed: Sign up to newsletters from organisations like Greenpeace, watch documentaries or hit up Youtube. (Note: Watch out for fake news!)

5. Reduce, reuse, recycle. Set your family the challenge of reducing your plastic use by 20-30%. There are so many ways to do this, even down to your menstrual products 😊

6. Start a compost heap (or a compost bin). Throw all your organic waste in a pile at the bottom of the garden and let nature do its thing.

7. Think about the clothes you buy. Research ethical and eco-friendly brands. Embrace the fake by looking for fake leather and suede where possible.

8. Hit up your charity shop. Trust us, there is nothing more rewarding than finding treasures in your local charity shop. And it helps your bank account too!

9. Avoid the dryer. Tumble dryers use so much energy, and they shrink your favourite jumpers. Get a clothes horse.

10. Grow your own veg, it’s amazing how much of your veg is flown or shipped from the other side of the world. What a waste of energy! Get yourself a window box and stick some tomatoes, garlic, lettuce or carrots in there.

11. Check your products, learn as much as you can about the chemicals that are being put into your deodorants, cosmetics or hair dyes. Also, you can buy shampoo bars and save on plastic bottles.

12. Try to avoid one-wear outfits. What a waste of money. Why not organise a massive clothes swap party for all your friends, so you can make sure each loved item of clothing gets to live a full and happy life.

13. Cut back your meat intake. Much of the damage is being caused by methane, aka cow farts. Its okay to love your burgers, but if we all have one meat free day per week, we will reduce methane gasses by a seventh, which is a start.

So there you have it! Lots of ways we can all make a contribution and do our bit. Lets keep this beautiful planet around for as long as possible x

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