Anyone who has ever been bullied knows how isolated and helpless it can make you feel. When its really bad it can make you retreat into yourself to such a level that you silence the voice inside you that once told you that you could achieve anything.

13 year old Ruby O’Kelly from Cavan saw the effect that bullying had on some of her family and friends, specifically her older brother who had a really hard time in school. She was inspired to write a song called “You Won’t Stop Me” which has gone viral, and rightly so, as countless young people can identify with the feeling of hopelessness.

We asked Ruby about the message she wants to share and she said; “its that bullying doesn’t have a preference, it can pick on anyone at anytime and to always remember that you don’t know where that person is coming from or going to so please just be kind.”

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind for Ruby as she has appeared on radio and TV shows across Ireland. She is also delighted to have been invited to perform at the world anti-bullying forum in Dublin this June. Good on ya Rubes 👏👏👏

Add it to your Spotify playlist here or watch her video below:

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