When we heard that a 79-year-old lady had just become the world’s oldest Formula 1 racing driver we were more than a little excited.

When we found out she was Irish we nearly pee-ed our pants.

Listening to how Rosemary Smith defied all odds to become a female racing driver at a time when that was unheard of is pretty inspiring. The way she talks about following your passion has gotten us punching the air Rocky Balboa style (Google it).

This is one BAAAD ass lady and we LOVE the cut of her jib.

So watch this video, read some of what she says below and channel your inner Rosie this week.

It was very difficult. The boys thought ‘here’s the dumb blonde coming out again.’ It took a long time for the men to accept me

You’ve gotta go out there with this fire in your belly

Passion is something you must have because you’re not ever going to succeed unless you have this real passion to do it

If somebody’s really talented and they have this real determination to go in there and do something, they will do it by fair means or by foul…”

I think when you’re good at something…why should you give it up?

We can all learn a little from you Rosie!

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