Have you caught feelings?

Emotions are a huge part of our lives, throughout each day we go through so many highs and lows, from feeling safe in the warmth of the duvet, to the fear of getting out of bed. Delight from seeing a snap from your crush, to heartbreak when he tells you he thinks he likes your best friend. Joy when you and your sister nail your that really complicated TickTok, to irritation when you notice she just stole your favourite top.

According to American psychologist Dr. Robert Plutchik, there are 34,000 different human emotions. Who has time for all of those!

Sometimes, when we struggle, those feelings become overwhelming, to the point that we have to either block them out and plough on (not recommended), or sit down with someone and ask them to listen. Those who love you often know that you’re not yourself, and might ask a simple question.

“Whats up?”

Except its not a simple question, when you can’t find the words.

Plutchik came up with a really useful tool that you can use the next time you want to share how you feel but you just can’t seem to find the words. Its called the “Wheel of Emotions” and here’s how it works.

Start with the inside circle, and find the immediate and most simple explanation for where you are. Do you feel angry, sad, disgusted, happy, fearful, surprised or bad? Then go through to the 2nd and 3rd wheels, narrowing it down further. For example, I feel bad, because I’m stressed, because I’m overwhelmed.

If you struggle to identify your emotions, this might help, because once you can name it, you start to figure out where to go from there……

Its worth a try right?

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