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If you watch anything over the next few weeks, we really recommend “Orla Tinsley: Warrior”. Orla, who is originally from Kildare, has battled Cystic Fibrosis (explained here) for her whole life. This short film follows her over the course of 14 months as she waits for the possibility of a life-saving lung transplant.

A talented writer, who had moved to New York to pursue a Masters in creative writing, Orla manages an uncertain and scary future with positivity, determination, resilience and hope. At Shona, we have followed Orla’s story since the beginning, and we were glued to her twitter feed as she got call after call telling her that the transplant was happening, followed by call after call that it wasn’t to be her day. All the while Orla got sicker and sicker but never once did she lose the amazing attitude we grew to love about her most.

As her profile increased, Orla promoted organ donation, and in the 3 days after this show originally aired, there were over 5 thousand requests for donor cards in Ireland. Now doing well, Orla continues to raise awareness of CF and organ donation. She still lives in New York, and she’s still amazing.

You can watch the doc on the RTE player or on Vimeo….

Heres the trailer…


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