The ‘Who Is Olivia Foundation’ is an amazing website I tripped across! It was founded recently by Sze Sze Yuan and focuses on empowering women, helping people with anxiety, eating disorders and suicide prevention.  The foundation has since started a ‘No makeup in May’ campaign! Sze Sze was inspired to start this campaign because of the anxiety she had growing up surrounding body image and self-worth related issues. She wants women and girls to take steps toward accepting and embracing themselves starting with going makeup free for the month of May!

The ‘Who Is Olivia Foundation’ held a ‘Be Bare Festival’ on the 4th May in London to start the annual campaign- ‘No Makeup in May’. The festival which will take place every year hopes to help combat unrealistic beauty standards we are faced with and will have men and women remove their makeup together and try going makeup free for 30 days!

The festival will be a day full of Yoga, meditation, relationship seminars, career mentoring, life coaching, comedy and Art!  And it will be taking place every April/May, yay!! 😊 The foundation hopes to take the movement all around the World to help women with self-love and self-esteem.

I will be going makeup free this month and maybe you could try it with a friend if you want to. You can sign up to the website and get a No Makeup in May badge!

Their Instagram page is @oliviafoundation which is brand new and already bursting with female empowerment and positivity!😊

The website is deadly and full of personal and inspiring videos of women describing their challenges surrounding self-esteem and appearance, like this one…

The foundation describe themselves by saying “Our mission is to raise self-esteem for all women. Empowering women to live powerfully with freedom and self-expression. Tackling issues that women face in today’s world and creating social change for a better future”.  They have a “serious agenda to campaign against the unrealistic beauty standards set by the beauty industry and raise awareness of mental- wellbeing, bullying and suicide prevention”. Sounds fab to me!

So who’s in??

Naoishe x

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