In case you haven’t see it yet, Hozier’s new single “Nina Cried Power” is a powerful celebration of some of the amazing people who are creating change in Ireland. These people, who all dedicate their time and energy to equality, civil rights, social equity and diversity, and the work they do will benefit all of us.

Hozier says Ireland has undergone a socio-cultural sea change, the results of which will benefit generations to come. We are witness to a new Ireland waking to the consciousness of itself; a kinder, more inclusive nation. This video is an attempt to acknowledge just a handful of those who have fought for this new Ireland, and whose work continues to inspire me.”

The song which is named after the amazing Nina Simone, shows the activists hearing the song for the first time. But who are they?

Well, Shona fans will recognise our faves, Sinead Burke, Anna Cosgrave and Maria Walsh, but others featured include Grace Dyas, Ellie Kisyombe, Christina Noble, Simone George, and so many others. Please read their stories here, we hope they inspire you to, in whatever way you can, big or small, stand up and fight for what you believe in, should you receive that noble call.

Check out the video here:


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