This is the cutest thing you’ll see all day. All year, in fact.

This little nugget is Liberty Wexler, who, aged 3 months, has already dressed up as many of history’s most powerful and accomplished women. She did have some help from her Mom, Jenelle, who told Today.com “I wanted to bring attention to these women and their specific stories to show how important their actions were in shaping our current society for the better. I hope these are individuals Liberty herself chooses to admire and aspire to be like… great women who have helped make the world a better place for future women and people as a whole.”

Look through the gallery below without smiling, we dare you!

All photos by Jenelle Wexler, follow Liberty on Instagram @photographyofliberty

This ones easy, its Queen Bey

Movie Starlet and Humanitarian Audrey Hepburn

Queen of Fashion and Class Coco Chanel

Everyones best friend, Ellen

Artist and Legend Frida Kahlo

She who was robbed, Hilary Clinton

Former First Lady Jackie Kennedy Onassis

Conservationist Jane Goodall

Original Feminist Joan of Arc

First Female Marathon Runner Katherine Switzer

Saint Mother Teresa

War hero Rosie The Riveter

Scientist Marie Curie

Nobel Prize Winner Malala

Original 80’s groundbreaker, Madonna

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