Keaton Jones, from Tennessee in the US, shared a video of her son Keaton, having had to pick him up from school because he was scared of his bullies. The poor kid was being mercilessly picked on by other kids and couldn’t figure out why people would be so cruel. Neither can we.

Kimberly said, ‘Keaton asked to do this after he had he me pick him up AGAIN because he was afraid to go to lunch. My kids are by no stretch perfect, & at home, he’s as all boy as they come, but by all accounts he’s good at school.

‘Talk to your kids. I’ve even had friends of mine tell me their kids were only nice to him to get him to mess with people. We all know how it feels to want to belong, but only a select few know how it really feels not to belong anywhere.

The video has been watched over 22 million times, and people from all over the world have shown him love and support, showing that there is always goodness and kindness in people.

Celebrities have also shown their support, and even Captain America AKA Chris Evans has reached out…

Demi, being Demi, could relate…

Followed swiftly by Luke Skywaker

And finally, the big dog, Snoop

The negative voices are always the loudest, but there will always be someone who understands, who has felt how you feel, and who will lend a shoulder to cry on.

If you are feeling like Keaton at the moment, hang in there, it will pass, we promise…. we’ve been there too.

Be kind.

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