In a striking performance at last night’s Brit awards in the O2 In London, Jess Glynne and H.E.R made a powerful statement about self-acceptance whilst performing their hit song “Thursday”.

Jess was surrounded by women who sat behind ring lights, and as she sang, she removed her false eyelashes, and all of her make-up.

“Sometimes I try to embrace all my insecurities/ So I won’t wear makeup on Thursday/ ’Cause who I am is enough,” Glynne sang (even though it was actually Wednesday, but we’ll forgive that😊 )

The women, which included Jess’s Mom (cute!) all finally stood, make up free in what was a quite powerful moment. While it may be only make-up, its great to see people with a platform, be it music, art or business, using that platform to empower others.

Massive claps for Jess….

Watch the performance here…

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