We’re all just out here trying to be our best selves, figuring it all out, searching for answers; What do I want to do? What course should I apply for? What nice things do I want?

Well. We’ve been thinking a LOT about how we approach life’s big questions and here’s what we’ve come up with.

First Up: Stop Focusing on end results. Focusing on outcomes means that when you get there, it’s often a little underwhelming. And we never really get there because we always move the goalposts on ourselves. Instead, try to focus on developing your character, the things inside yourself that matter, your values, your passions, your strengths, and areas for development. That’s the key to real personal growth and happiness.

To do this, we recommend adopting the BE, DO, HAVE mentality.

Everyone has three things in life they care about, things you want to HAVE, things you want to DO, and who you want to BE.

The problem is that society has all this stuff backward. We focus on them in the wrong order.

We prioritise the things we want to HAVE, good exam results, plenty of spending money, and great relationships. We think that we need to have all of those things to DO the things we want to do; run a business, get into great colleges, travel the world, etc.

Then we assume that once we DO all the things we want, we’ll finally become the person we want to BE. A great person who is happy successful and at peace with ourselves.

That makes sense right? WRONG!
You’ll be so much happier if you flip the whole thing and turn it on its head using a BE, DO, HAVE approach.

Focus first on your character and developing yourself as a person, and we promise everything will flow from there. If you want to DO great things you first need to BEcome a great person. BE consistent, disciplined, hardworking, kind, and focused. And most of all BElieve in yourself.

Then you can focus on the things you want to DO in life because you have the confidence and the character to do so.

And suddenly, all the things you want to HAVE start falling into place.

So who do you want to be? Think it through, and focus on yourself, that’s the true meaning of life x

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