Life can be hard, and at times, we all feel a little stressed, scared, or lost.

If you have a problem, sometimes you just need to run it by someone you can trust, to get some practical advice.

Meet Steph!

Steph is our go-to-gal on the topic of mental health. She graduated as a counselling psychotherapist in July 2017 and is super passionate about the mental health and wellbeing of our nation’s girls and young women. Over the past number of years, Steph has provided hundreds of counselling hours to young people across the South-East through her work with Carlow Regional Youth Services, St. Brigid’s Family Resource Centre, and her own private practice. Steph also has a keen interest in writing, and from time to time writes topical articles for TSP.

Tell us more Steph?

Steph is obsessed with animals, fancies herself as a photographer, loves hip-hop beat, and is trained in yoga & meditation. And in her spare time, she also works as a senior operations manager with a global wealth company where she leads and coaches her teams on a daily basis.  But no matter which hat she’s wearing, Steph’s goal is the same; to educate, motivate, and inspire, whether that’s speaking with clients or colleagues, researching content, or writing articles.

We’re so happy to share Steph with you all. She gives the best advice, is always the voice of reason, and is one of the kindest people ON EARTH. Look at that face!!

Have a sitch? Need some support? Here’s your direct line to Steph!

You might be dealing with something around school, friendships, family, relationships, career, self-development…whatever it is. We want to hear from you!

Send your questions through, and get personal, tailored advice back. Simples! As the meerkat would say.

To ask Steph for her advice on just about anything send an email to We’ll do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

Take care everyone!

By using this service, you agree to and abide by the contents of this Disclaimer:
TSP would like to state that this initiative is designed to provide support and advice however, it’s important for you to understand that we are limited in that capacity.
We will help and guide you to the best of our ability and training, by offering carefully considered advice but unfortunately, we can’t resolve your problems for you, or make any decisions for you. TSP cannot be held responsible for any decisions you make as a result of the information, opinions, advice, or insight offered to you through this service.
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TSP advises you to seek advice, if possible, from other people whose opinion you value. Certainly, with regards to medical, legal, or financial issues, we recommend that you speak with someone qualified in those fields. Steph has professional training in counselling & psychotherapy but is not qualified to offer medical, legal, or financial advice. Further, on any issue whatsoever, any information or advice given should be understood to be Steph’s considered opinion as a trained and supportive professional.
Steph is a Pre-Accredited member of the IACP (official accreditation coming soon!) and is fully insured by the OBF Insurance Group.

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