We always advise extreme caution when it comes to sharing personal photos or videos with a partner. We’ve seen so many young people suffer when someone they thought they could trust betrays that trust. So always use caution, and never ever be pressured into doing anything you’re uncomfortable with.

If you’ve ever experienced this, or if you know someone who has, there is now a very clear pathway to report it, because, thanks to Coco’s Law, it is a very serious crime. Sharing, or even threatening to share our images is a form of abuse, which can incur up to 7 years in prison.

The Department of Justice has launched a special website that enables us to report and remove images and videos from the internet that have been shared without our consent.


This initiative is part of the amazing legacy of Nicole Fox, (Coco) who died by suicide having being bullied in school. Nicole’s Mom, Jackie, is a hero, and worked tirelessly to change the laws around online bullying and abuse. Coco’s Law was passed last year and provides us with more protection against online abuse than ever before.

If you have been affected by Image-Based Sexual Abuse, please know that it is not your fault, and tell someone you trust immediately, who can support you through the reporting process.

If you’d like to hear more about Coco’s law, listen to Jackies powerful (but at times upsetting) interview here.


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