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You can learn how to do anything on Youtube; play guitar, change a tyre, create a spreadsheet.
But did you know that if you follow the right people (Hard to find, lots of weirdos) you can get all the sex ed you need too?
If you’re a girl, Hannah Witton is your friend. She will talk about anything and everything from weight gain, friendships, and coping with having big boobs (same girl). She is also big into having real and open chats about the ‘S’ word and all that it entails.
Our own sex ed expert, Anna,  has picked the best, to get you started.
Here Hannah speaks to her Mum about birth control. Not everyone can have these conversations with their parent or guardian (or big sister or cousin) but its important to remember that they are women too and they have gone through the same things that you are going through now so they might be able to give you advice on any of the things you’re wondering about. It will feel like its going to be really embarrassing but they were your age at some point too and will probably be more than happy to help you out 🙂
In this video Hannah answers questions about what it was like for her to write her book “Doing it”. Hannah is primarily a YouTuber so writing this book was a brand new experience for her. In this video she is open and honest about the process which could be helpful for any budding authors out there 🙂
 Here Hannah is joined by Irish YouTuber Melanie Murphy to speak about body changes. Every body may have weight changes that can occur because of a million different reasons and it is nothing to be down about. It also has a good message about how changing your perspective can help to make you feel good about yourself rather than trying to conform 🙂 Melanie is also a great person to watch as she covers loads of topics too.
In this very personal reflective piece, Hannah talks about being single, her experience and the pressures that young people can feel when it comes to being in a relationship. Its important to remember that being in a relationship does not make someone a better person and it is not something that HAS TO be done by every teenager. When the time is right and you meet the right person, it will happen. To force or to be forced into a relationship because of outside pressures is pointless and will only end up wasting yours and others time. Enjoy your own company and independence until you find someone worthy of sharing it with 🙂

In this Q&A Hannah talks about the things that her Twitter followers would have liked to have learned about their sexual health. This one is sponsored by a UK based app but there are plenty of alternative apps/websites for other countries that are available too. The important thing is that she is speaking comfortably about the things we can all sometimes find embarrassing 🙂

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