Here at Shona, we are the worlds biggest podcast nerds. Ask us a podcast related question and you will be dragged into a vortex of “oh, what about,” “hey have you tried”, “oh that sounds, good, let me write that one down” and you will regret ever muttering the term out loud.

Podcasts are the new rock and roll. Fact.

This week we peed our pants a little when we hit the motherload. If we were to create a podcast that has everything every Irish girl needs, we would have birthed Her.ie’s “Girls with Goals”. Unfortunately, Niamh Maher got there first. Still only a baby at 5 episodes in, GWG features funny, frank and insightful conversations with Irish women such as Rosemary Macabe, Joanne McNally, Ciara King and Angela Scanlon. The ladies talk about dating, body confidence, internet trolls, being a grown up (ugh) and relationships.

Also, in a move that has us convinced that Niamh Maher is trying to woo us, she has even stuck a little “spotlight on sport” section in the middle, in which she talks to the most amazing high achievers you probably don’t even know about.

Earlier today, we asked Niamh what she hopes to achieve with GWG (apart from making us fall in love with her, because she already nailed that). She said “Girls With Goals has been a passion project for me for well over a year now,. Working in radio I noticed that female focused content was pretty thin on the ground particularly when it came to sport. When I moved to Maximum Media in February, I was given the platform to not only produce the podcast but also develop it into a stronger product. Our Spotlight on Sport section focuses on female athletes from Ireland and abroad and I’ve been blown away by the amount of support we’ve received. As well as our sport section, each week I have the pleasure of being joined on the panel by incredibly gifted and talented women. The whole experience is about creating a conversation that people feel involved in. Our goal is to create an engaging community where we can speak about issues that affect men and women… while having the craic of course!”

You can listen to episode 1 here:

And you can listen to the rest of the episodes here. As for Niamh and ourselves, we are official BFF’s and will be Christmassing together this year in Alps wearing matching snowflake onesies and playing squash against the dining room wall.

And yes, of course you can come.

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