If you’re a fan of music, a fan of emotions and a fan of diversity and inclusion, you’re probably already half way through the six seasons of Glee which landed on Netflix recently.

The TV show, which launched in 2009 really changed the face of TV in terms of representation, and some of the musical numbers were downright jaw-dropping. Watching back now, knowing about the sad death of Corey Monteith, lots of the 726 musical numbers seem even more special.

We have put together some of the most emotional, tear-jerking and goose-bumpy of all the performances just for you. We can confirm that many tear ducts were drained in the making of this post, but that’s just the level of commitment we have for you guys…

In My Life

At the end of season 3, half of the New Directioners graduated high school, and to see them off, the younger members sang this song for them. Its a real special moment and a reminder that people come and go from our lives, but we can always love them…

Season 3: Episode 22 “Goodbye”


Santana’s love for Brittany is pure as the driven snow, but at the start, she can really only express it through song. Here, Gwyneth Paltrow helps share her feelings in one of the most beautiful songs of all time. Check out Chrissy Metz version on Spotify to really bring you to the edge.

Season 2: Episode 15 “Sexy”

I Lived

This was the very last song from the very last episode, and if you’re a sentimental soul like we are, you’ll love this one. Almost every character reunites to share the stage, closing with an image of Finn. As the group sing “with every broken bone, I swear I lived”, you know that you have had the privilege of watching them all grow up.

Season 6: Episode 13 “Dreams Come True”

Against All Odds

There is nothing more painful than unrequited love, and we’ve all been there. Here, Blaine has a massive crush on Sam, who doesn’t feel the same. But we know that there’s someone in this world for everyone, and just as Blaine finds his Kurt, we’ll find ours too.

Season 4: Episode 17 “Guilty Pleasures”

Don’t Dream Its Over

This is one of those moments that is even more special knowing of Corey’s death. The moment itself wasn’t so sad, but we still cried, because that’s just where we are emotionally right now okay?

Season 4: Episode 9 “Swan Song”

Bring Him Home

They could play this song over footage of paint drying and we’d still be sobbing. Because its the saddest song of all time. And Lea and Chris deliver it beautifully.

Season 4: Episode 13 “Diva”

Pure Imagination

Sue Sylvester didn’t bring us much by way of tear jerking moments, but her love for her sister Jean was beautiful, and when Jean passed, it really rocked her tough exterior.

Season 2: Episode 21 “Funeral”

Fix You

Bringing Coldplay into the equation is just plain cheating when it comes to our feelings. The plot here isn’t even that interesting, and yet….

Season 3: Episode 3 “Asian F”

I dreamed a dream

Oh jeez, here we go with the Les Miserable songs again. Here, the amazing Idina Menzel from Frozen plays Rachel’s birth mother, and you know what? We would totally buy this….

Season 1: Episode 19 “Dream On”

If I were a Boy

As Unique, Alex Newell blew our socks clean off in every single performance. This song was a brilliant trans anthem, and Alex’s voice is just…wow.

Season 5: Episode 5 “The End of Twerk”

I Know Where I’ve Been

Its Alex again, this time backed by a trans choir. This song isn’t sad, its triumphant, but we still cried.

Season 6: Episode 7 “Transitioning”

The Scientist

We don’t even know what’s happening here, but we know that the New Directions are feeling feelings again, so we’re feeling feelings too.

Season 4: Episode 4 “The Break Up”

Seasons of Love

This was the episode where Glee dealt with Corey’s passing, and you know each and every one of the tears are real. The photo at the end finished us off.

We’re just warming you up for the big one here, so prepare yourselves…

Season 5: Episode 3 “The Quarterback”

Make You Feel My Love

So here it is, the one that will finish you off, reducing you to a quivering puddle. No longer are these actors, they are humans in deep grief, and we all feel it on some weird, parallel universe kind of level.

Season 5: Episode 3 “The Quarterback”

Now that we’ve broken you into a million pieces, and left you a shell of a human, here’s a special treat..

Its Brittany doing Britney, dancing around her dentist, played by John Stamos from Full House.

We don’t know why, it makes no sense, its pure bonkers, BUT ITS IMPORTANT THAT YOU WATCH IT OKAY???


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