To be honest, she freaks us out a little on ‘The Fall’ with her tough, cold, non smiling, intimidating death stare, but it turns our Gillian Anderson is actually pretty sound.

In March, Gillian will release ‘We: A Manifesto for Women Everywhere’, which she says will help young women like your good selves deal with confidence issues and lack of self-love. She says..

There is so much low self-esteem in girls, and so much self-hate that I keep reading about. My first idea for a book was something that would help to lift girls out of that place of negativity.

Gillian Anderson | ELLE UK

Gillian has named five guiding principles; honesty, acceptance, courage, trust, humility, peace, love, joy and kindness, all of our favourite things.

I know for myself, and I think for my daughter, I haven’t really had many female mentors in my life, and I haven’t had many people I could look at to guide me.

This is true for so many girls. Gillian’s book follows the same ethos as The Shona Project, Hey, we don’t have all the answers, but we understand, and we listen, and we share, and we learn as we go.

And remember…

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