Galentine's day

February, the month of love and chocolates, and apparently, the month of made-up holidays! Move over Valentine’s day, there’s a new ‘fake’ holiday in town and it’s called Galentine’s Day!

While Valentines Day, February 14th, is a lovely way to celebrate your other half, in recent years this new phenomenon has come along that encourages gathering all your gal pals and celebrating each other! While many may claim that this is another ‘fake’ holiday created by card companies, we think they’re wrong! This is a day in which ladies lift each other up and celebrate friendships! It encourages us to make time for each other, and this is a message we can definitely get behind! Besides if people can get behind ‘national pizza day’ surely we can have Galentine’s Day?

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Who even started this?

What’s fantastic about Galentine’s day is that it was created by a female! Now this female just happened to be a fictional character, but the sentiment of the day stuck! Galentine’s Day originated with Parks and Recreation’s character, Leslie Knope. On February 13th she gathered all of her lady friends and had a small party where ‘ladies celebrated ladies.’ Women shared small gifts with each other based on crafts they had made! The sentiment of the episode stuck and has led to companies creating promotions surrounding the day itself! Don’t panic though, this is not a day that has to cause you huge expense, it’s a day in which us ladies can celebrate each other through small simple ideas!

How do I celebrate it?

Before you go dashing out the door to try to organize a brunch, you don’t need to overthink this! Sit down and grab a pen, and try to think about things that you and your gals love doing! We have some fantastic ideas that might help you to organize your own Galentines Day!

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Number One: Pamper Packages

Something we love to do for our friends is to create little care packages and drop them off at their houses! This doesn’t need to be extravagant or expensive, I usually choose small little token gifts such as face masks, a wax melt, and of course, some chocolate! You could write all your gals a personalized note in which you share some of your favorite stories, and thank them for being awesome friends! They usually go down a treat and the girls love them!

Number Two: Send them a surprise!

Something we love to do is send our friends a little surprise in the post! We know that we’re posting this today on Galentine’s day, but nothing is stopping you from sending your friend a little treat in the post! Funky Pigeon, Gifts.ie and Etsy all have lovely Galentine cards available online! You could also send them a Boomf which will shower them with confetti and also provide them with a popup cube collage of some of your favourite moments! Galentines isn’t about making huge over the top gestures, it’s about celebrating your friendship and spending time with your gals!

Number Three: Take-away together

Order your favourite takeaway, put on your favourite pairs of Jammies, throw on a good rom-com, sit down to eat together and have a good catch-up x.

Galentine's Day

Number Four: Go on a walk.

We weren’t kidding when we said that Galentine’s day doesn’t have to cost money. Going on a walk and simply catching up with the girls is totally a cheap but fun way to celebrate it!

Number Five: Quiz time!

Quizzes were something that became so popular during the lockdown (we know we won’t bring it up again we promise!) and if you are not sick of them yet, they are a fab way to share a few laughs with your friends! Create a quiz based on some of your favourite tv shows, fashion brands, and hobbies! You could even create a round or two based on your favourite memories or a round filled with funny questions based on each friend! These will create a good time while also allowing you to share a few laughs together!

Number Six: Send them a text!

We get it, not everyone has the time to drop everything to go out and plan gifts, or to hang out with friends on February 13th. We have school, jobs and other responsibilities that take up our time. That’s totally valid. But it doesn’t mean you can’t take part in Galentine’s Day too! Galentine’s day is all about the appreciation and support of women. So take part by sending the women in your life a  text to let them know you are thinking of them.


P.S. Yes you can totally gorge on chocolates too!


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