This right here ⬆️ is actual Frida Kahlo, the famous Mexican artist and feminist icon. Born in 1907, Frida was severely injured in a Bus accident, and started painting self portraits  while recovering. A passionate feminist, her face and impressive unibrow are instantly recognisable, and even Beyonce has been known to steal her look on occasion.

Last Thursday in Dallas, Texas, over 1,000 people gathered to try to break a world record for the most Frida lookalikes in one gathering, on what would have been her 1110th birthday (unfortunately, she was unable to make the event herself, due to her death in 1954.)

The rules were simple, each participant had to have 4 things; a floral dress (knee length), a shawl (red or pink), flowers in the hair (at least 3) and of course, the unibrow.


Check out the pictures below…

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