Music festival portaloos (it’s all ahead of you).

We all dabble in fear every now and again and it’s totally normal in low doses. Michelle Poler – a self-confessed fearaholic – moved to New York and decided to tackle her (many) fears head on. She took 100 days out of her life to face her demons and film ‘100 Days Without Fear‘.

In her words…

“One fear a day for 100 days…because living courageously is a choice”.

She really eases herself into the project, with the first few days seeing her face pretty low level fears like eating oysters, lifting a cat (!?!) and rollerblading. But things really go up a gear when she rides in a helicopter (Day 26), quits her job (Day 59)skydives (Day 65)walks around New York in a bikini (Day 72), crowd surfs at a concert (Day 85) and flies a plane (Day 91).

Thanks to Michelle today we’re saying “HELLO FEARS! LET’S BE HAVIN’ YA!!!”

Watch the video below and read more about her full journey here.

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