Sexual empowerment comes in many different forms. For Kia of ‘earringsbykia’ on Instagram, empowerment of this kind comes in nude earring. That is right: earrings of your very own nudes, dangling for all the world to see. I interviewed Kia to find out more about her business and her principles.


How did this unique business come about?

Kia said, ‘’I was just spending too much money on earrings on Depop and fancied a challenge. One night I took a picture of myself in my underwear and wondered what it’d look like on a pair of earrings. I posted a picture of them on my page, and the rest is history. Earrings By Kia became the empowering earring shop.’’

Empowering indeed. The earrings are lifelike and stylised at the same time, hand-drawn by Kia herself.

So, what is your goal with this business?

’I just want to make people feel good about themselves and empower every single person who buys my earrings. I try to make sure buying earrings from me is a trustworthy and comfortable process – I’d rather buy something from someone I felt like I knew than a business with a front. I think it’s so important to build a relationship with the people who buy from you because then they come back!’’

This intimate business is one of specialty and discretion yet is unapologetic in its’ brazenness.


But what has been the impact of creating and selling these earrings?

‘’ I’ve had people who have started Only-Fans accounts because of the earrings. I’ve had people starting classes they’d never had tried; pole dancing; heels dance classes. I’ve had people say it’s helping them regain their love for their body after body dysmorphia and Eds (Eating Disorders). I am so, so honoured to say that I have been part of a journey like that for someone.’’

A beautiful sentiment, truly. As we as a society emerge into a new wave of feminism, full of body empowerment and sexual liberation.

I wondered what this all meant for Kia herself?

’Sexual empowerment is different things for everyone… but for me it’s dancing around my bedroom in my underwear with a glass of wine listening French music. It’s spending hours drawing my own nudes. It’s forgetting to shave and being completely fine with it. It’s just letting myself be, and celebrating that.’’

You can find Kia’s wonderful work on Instagram at ‘earringsbykia’ , where you can order your own extremely custom pieces.


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The process – you’ve all been asking for it!😇✌️ (These are my nudes btw, we ain’t about to be outing people!!)

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Interview by Izzy Tiernan


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