What lies beneath you may never know,

Please take your seats to my one woman show.

If I wear enough make up does it hide the pain?

So scared to take it off, the layers of guilt and shame.

It’s hard to take off the mask when you’ve worn it for so long,

Terrified of what will be left when it’s gone.

I’m going to have to ask you to take a step back.

Don’t come too close or you may fall into these cracks.

I’m masking the truth with lies.

What if you only like me for my disguise?

You can’t find me because I’m not there.

Look, touch but please don’t stare.

The damage done leaves scars you may never see.

Will there ever be an end to this fake reality?

We all wear a mask, but I think it’s time to take them off.

– Cara Delevingne (see Episode 2 below)

Puma has teamed up with Cara Delevingne on a new campaign that has really caught our attention. Through the #DoYouStories, Cara encourages women worldwide to share their stories, their strengths and their passions.

She visits refugee camps in Uganda, writes poetry with Get Lit – a group of women who work to increase literacy, empowerment, and self-expression through writing – and talks to the victims of bullying attacks.

Needless to say we like this campaign.

You can binge watch the first three episodes below and watch ahead here.




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